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Sustainable Sneakers Brand WOMSH Introduces Vegan Line Made From Appleskin

Sustainable Sneakers Brand WOMSH Introduces Vegan Line Made From Appleskin

If you think apples are only for eating, think again: Italy’s first Zero-Impact brand, Womsh, produces stylish sneakers using 100% non-toxic leather and now also presents a vegan collection made from the innovative material apple skin. Yummy. We think it’s great that we can choose between both sustainable leather as well as sustainable vegan leather shoes. Because it’s definitely a step in the right direction! Discover the Italian-made newcomer sneakers brand Womsh, which uses non-toxic leather and makes its vegan line from apple waste.

Sustainable Sneakers Made From Non-Toxic Leather & Apple Skin ?

In 2014, Womsh-founder Gianni Dalla Mora proved that trendy sneakers can very well be sustainable. Do you care about the environment but love the feeling of wearing high-quality leather? Or do you prefer 100% animal-free products? Either way, Womsh will be your new go-to sneakers brand for women and men.

You choose: Womsh’s non-toxic leather line uses a dyeing process to make their shoes without metal-based chemicals. Their new vegan line features shoes made from the award-winning material, apple skin. Appleskin is 100% cruelty-free, waterproof and one of the most innovative vegan alternatives to leather.

Our favorite pick: the VEGAN WAVE WHITE ROSE; Photo: WOMSH

But What Exactly Is Apple Skin Leather? ?

Vegetable leather is obtained by adding products from waste from the processing of vegetable products (in particular apples) to a polyurethane mixture. “Apple waste is totally environmentally-friendly and natural, and unlike other bio-based products, no soil or water is used for cultivation,” explains the producer of Appleskin. “The high percentage of organic and natural materials makes the product eco-friendly, non-toxic and biocompatible. For transforming industrial waste from special waste into new raw materials, we exclusively use mechanical processes with high energy savings and use all waste, without extracting only part of it. We therefore completely close the apple cycle without producing any further waste.”

Using biodegradable raw materials and renewable sources that would otherwise be disposed of as special waste or burnt, Womsh has obtained an eco-friendly faux leather. Bravissimo!

Recycle Your Old Womsh Sneakers ♻️

Once you have worn-out your Womsh sneakers, you can send them back to the stores. With the help of the “I Giardini di Betty” project created by esosport, the sport branch of ESO Società Benefit. Womsh collects the sneakers and turns them into playground floors. Good for children, the planet and you: Womsh rewards customers who recycle their shoes with a voucher for their next purchase.
In 2018, Womsh recycled around 1500 pairs of shoes – way to go!

Photos: WOMSH

100% Made In Italy ??

From design, manufacturing, and packaging, Womsh sneakers are entirely made in Italy. The company which is 90% powered by renewable energy guarantees fair working conditions as well as Italian high-quality materials. Since Italy’s expertise in leather production is world-famous, Womsh is, of course, proud of this too.

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Active Footwear For Activism ?

In collaboration with LifeGate Zero Impact® project, the sustainable sneakers brand offsets its CO2 emissions by preserving forests and planting new trees. So far, Womsh has safeguarded 12 000m2 of equatorial forest, planted more than 5000 trees and compensated over 74 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Soon, Womsh will also join the LifeGate PlasticLess project to raise awareness about the issue of plastic in Italian seas.

We absolutely fangirl over this amazing sneakers brand. What about you, do you think that getting a pair of shoes should not only be a pleasure but also an act of responsibility in the future?

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Photos: MOCHNI

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