Free, sustainable, and socially responsible leggings. Sounds too good to be true, right? Last year, Girlfriend Collective launched their new brand by giving away their leggings for the cost of shipping. Not only were the leggings practically free, but they were eco-friendly. To the extent that 25 per cent of their leggings were made out of recycled bottles. So far they have recycled 6,000,000 bottles, with a mission to take a stand against the fast fashion industry waste, and it’s only just begun.

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Loungewear is taking the world by storm. What was once a style that could only be worn for intense exercise is now worn to do the grocery shopping, go to the movies, or even attend business meetings. Girlfriend Collective have tackled this trend in more ways than one. Firstly, they address a major gap within the industry, leggings that are fool proof. This means they comply with the three fears of every yoga student: the cameltoe, sheerness (seeing your neighbour’s patterned underwear or lack thereof), and last but not least exposing your butt crack for the world to see. Girlfriend Collective eliminate the  stress, leaving you as carefree as possible. Not only this, but they are breathable. The team at Girlfriend Collective have thought long and hard about this, because there’s no gain if they solve one problem, only to create another. But their efforts are truly paying off, and they have an incredible product to show for it.

Ethical Production

The launch of Girlfriend Collective went off with a bang, making their mark on the sustainable fashion industry. While their leggings are crafted in a factory in Vietnam, usually an automatic red flag, they go to every effort to highlight the transparency and ethics involved in their manufacturing. The factory is overlooked by local Hien Doan, who was previously part of the United Nations Development program where she focused on revolutionising the agricultural and technology industries within her home country. Her work in Vietnam is valued highly, as her passion has her people’s best interests at heart. This has been displayed within her role at Girlfriend Collective, as she has helped implement a SA8000 certification. This demonstrates Girlfriend Collective’s commitment  to the fair treatment of their workers and fair wages. In short, this is a global standard that does not tolerate child labour or dangerous working conditions. A vital ingredient for an ethically conscious clothing brand, like Girlfriend Collective. While it’s easy to cut corners, like many others in the fashion industry, they are doing things the right way and the public is rewarding them for it.

girlfriend collective factory
Photo: Girlfriend Collective produces their leggings in a fair-trade (SA8000- certified) factory in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The brand uses recycled materials as main fabric for their leggings. The leggings are made out of 79% micro Polyester, which is made from 100% recycled post-consumer water bottles, and 21% Spandex. The sheer-proof, super soft material is bluesign® certified which means that the manufacturers ensure high environmental safety and performance in five areas: consumer safety (everything in our leggings is super safe), resource productivity, water emissions, air emissions, and workplace health and safety.

girlfriend collective eco friendly leggings
Photo: Girlfriend Collective.

Girlfriend Collective On Social Media

Girlfriend Collective has become a social movement. Over 60,000 followers on Instagram keeping up to date with this chic brand. It leaves you with one thought…what next? Well lucky for you, they have lots in store. Later this year, Girlfriend Collective are releasing their full line of clothing allowing you to join the movement. A sneak peek at their Instagram account leaves you drooling with anticipation for the styles to come. Girlfriend Collective is a brand that embodies women and creates a vision for a sustainable, eco-friendly fashion industry. And the truth is, we can’t wait to see what they have next.

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