Photo: Alisa Gonzalez, Model: Kerrilyn Olbson

The Pa/rt Co. was started by two sisters, Hannah and Emily, who saw a lack of multi-ethnic representation in the beauty industry. They created their website,, to highlight the perspectives of multi-ethnic women and their health and beauty routines. Through speaking with the women on their site, they found that there is a gravitation towards using clean and simple products and practicing sustainability in beauty routines. Here, they discuss multi-ethnic representation in the beauty industry and the movement towards more simple beauty.

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Photo: The Pa/rt

What inspired you to start The Part Co.?

The Pa/rt Co.: We seek most of our beauty advice online, and it was hard for us to identify with the image of beauty that is often projected. We identify with beauty in a specific way because of our mixed ethnicities and we wanted to hear stories like ours in a place where people can share their unique perceptions of beauty. We have always been intrigued by the intersection of culture and wellness, specifically as it relates to beauty.

As sisters, we have always been lucky to share beauty tips and products with one another. We want The Part Co. to be a community where the featured women and our readers can connect in the same way.

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Photo: The Pa/rt

What is The Part Co.’s mission?

The Pa/rt Co.: We want to represent as many different voices as possible and to promote wellness by sharing unique stories that our readers can relate to. While we focus mainly on multi-ethnic beauty, we hope anyone interested in beauty and wellness can find inspiration through the women on our site.

Why do you think the beauty industry is moving towards clean products?

The Pa/rt Co.: Women today are very conscious of the products they put on and in their bodies. Many of the women featured on our site strive to have simple, natural beauty routines. Some of the most effective and natural beauty tips have been passed on through these women’s cultures. The beauty industry is recognizing the value in these cultural beauty traditions.

We ask everyone on the site what their ideal beauty product would be and the response is always related to embracing natural beauty. Most of their routines involve few makeup products and revolve around staying healthy and building beauty from a holistic perspective. Because of the abundance of information on the sources and ingredients of beauty products, people are more mindful than ever in their beauty practices.

Photos: Alisa Gonzalez, Model: Kerrilyn Olbson

How do you incorporate clean beauty into your lives?

The Pa/rt Co.: We grew up in a very health conscious family and have always been aware of alternative health and wellness practices. We check the ingredients in every product we buy and always look for all-natural alternatives. We also try to purchase products from companies that are transparent about where and how their products are made. We value our health, and we try to make our beauty routines an extension of that.

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Photo: The Pa/rt

How do you think clean beauty products can become more accessible?

The Pa/rt Co.: While we seek to be as knowledgeable as possible, we know there is always new information coming out. The beauty industry has a long way to go before clean beauty becomes the norm. Many cosmetic companies have extended their color palettes to match a wide range of skin tones, but it’s rare to find this variety in products without chemicals. It’s clear that women are seeking alternatives to chemical products, but the knowledge and product is not always available. Because of companies ike The Part Co., Mochni, and many others, clean beauty is a concept that has the potential to reach a wider audience than before.

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Photo: The Pa/rt

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