Paris, France

Settled by numerous ethnic groups, each region in Mexico specialises in their own weaves and symbology. Aniza’s collections are inspired by these various weaves that come from pre-hispanic times. Aniza founder Ana Iza Castro Valle Motteau, was raised between Sweden and Mexico and learned to respect the differences and the similarities between cultures from an early age. Made by local artisans, her collections unite continents by respectfully interweaving Mexican and European textiles, showcasing their beauty through sophisticated simplicity. Aniza uses locally sourced wool, cotton and linen, and natural dyes–in line with ancient traditions. Focusing on what is best for the environment, she saves production waste by makinga limited-edition collection of small accessories once a year.



The online boutique was started by three women who, besides their friendship, have one thing in common: their love for India and its traditional textile techniques. All products, ranging from homewares, accessories and travel goods, are handmade with natural fibers and dyes one piece at a time. Common Texture inspires and supports craft communities and helps them keep their unique master skills alive for generations to come. Whenever possible, they like it zero waste: e.g. their Do Good Yoga Mat is entirely made of upcycled materials. Skilled block masters make their block printed pillow cases and banana fiber weavers in South India create their unique clutches, each to find with the maker’s name when you purchase one.


Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

There is no place like home. And the people behind the sustainable furniture brand Gazzda from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina couldn’t agree more. Their contemporary furniture design is made from natural materials such as solid oak (all wood used for their industrial products come from FSC ™-certified forestry), wool, and cotton, each and every product carrying the FSC ™ label. Gazzda gives your home a personal touch so that you start smiling when you think about your cozy couch on which you love to spend time reading your favorite books. Oh, and how much you would love to take your lovely Gazzda bed with you to work sometimes – if you only could.


Bockhorn, Germany

With over 145 years of experience in the furniture industry, the multi-award -winning Müller Möbel has developed the perfect, sustainable furniture solutions. They have developed a wide range of flexible furnishings and storage solutions based on a modular, stackable concept. Products within the range can easily be mixed and matched to suit and space, allowing for endless customisation. Their modern designs seamlessly integrate traditional German craftsmanship with the contemporary needs of today. With their team of experienced designers, Müller Möbel have won numerous design awards for their collection of smart solutions and custom-built options.


London, UK

Nido Collective provides a link link to the past, and a peek into ancient traditions. They work with skilled artisans in remote Mexican and Guatemalan communities to create contemporary homewares and accessories that share the stories of those who made them. The natural, sustainable materials give the products a rustic yet luxurious feel. Nido Collective have created a space where remote communities can support their families while also sharing their culture and traditional craftsmanship with the world. By doing so, they are also preserving ancient techniques and passing the skills onto new generations. Skills that may otherwise be lost.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Sika-Design creates handmade furniture since its inception back in 1950. Arne Jacobsen, Franco Albini and Nanna Ditzel (who became famous after designing the “Hanging Egg Chair”) are among their iconic designers. Comfort, quality and sustainability are important values of the Danish brand. Their wicker furniture counts to their most popular pieces, which can be seen in hotels, restaurants or cruise ships all over the world. When you look at their Originals Collection you will find models that come from sketches made in the 50s and 60s. Wow.


Järvenpää, Finland

Desk, floor, pendant lights and more: Founder and designer of the award-winning brand, Mikko Kärkkäinen, creates innovative lighting concepts made from sustainable wooden materials. Rather than just lamps, these lights are contemporary art pieces that fascinate architects, interior designers and others that are high-maintenance when it comes to their private homes. Tunto also designs for public spaces such as offices, restaurants or hotels, using the latest energy-saving LED and OLED technology combined with touch-sensitive switches and wireless control options. All products are handmade with care for detail in Järvenpää, Finland.


Berlin, Germany

Quality, transparency, and affordability form the foundation for all of URBANARA’s stunning homewares and textiles. URBANARA works with producers all over the world to make a wide range of soft-furnishing, lighting, and décor for every room of the home; to suit any taste. Their mindfully manufactured, high-quality products are made to last the test of time, and made to do no harm in the process. They work with traditional artisans as well as with those crafting with more modern techniques, but ensure environmentally conscious production every time. URBANARA sources only the best natural materials that are safe for your home and your skin.