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If only there were a sustainable fashion online store where we can easily find and shop conscious brands. And at the same time, learn about sustainable fashion. Oh, wait, there is! Introducing,, one of the newest sustainable fashion online stores out there.

sustainable fashion online store the green labels
Striped Sweater by Kings Of Indigo (€99.95 EUR) and V-Lock Suede Rouille Natural Sole Sneakers by Veja (€130.00 EUR)

Shop Your Values

Founder of (TGL), Claudia Angeli, created a place where you can find and shop fashion brands that correspond to your individual values – in just a few clicks. All labels featured in TGL guarantee fair working conditions and represent at least one of the following 4 values, which the customer can choose to shop by. Discover brands in the “CLEAN PROCESS” section when environmentally-friendly production is most important to you. Labels in “LOCAL” produce their clothes locally and support local communities. “VEGAN” brands assure that no animal was harmed or used in the making of your clothes. In “WASTE REDUCTION” you find brands that use deadstock fabrics, or post-consumer waste to produce their garments. Also, there is a “transparency wheel” for each item which fully discloses all steps involved to make the item as well as where those steps were taken.

sustainable fashion online store the green labels
left: Crop Jumper (€69.00 EUR) & Lounge Pants by Cossac (€110.00 EUR)V-Lock Suede Rouille Natural Sole Sneakers by Veja (€130.00 EUR) right: Knit Dress by Cossac (€120.00 EUR), Re-Kånken sunflower yellow by Fjällräven (€89.00 EUR)

How Selects Their Brands

“We select labels that are not quite classical or boring. We like to see labels that are colorful and fresh”, tells Claudia. Also, TGL is picky when it comes to fabrics and quality of products: “We try to avoid blended fabrics, and accept synthetic materials only if they are recycled or sustainable.” Besides natural and certified organic fabrics (cotton, linen or hemp), you can thus find brands that work with synthetic fibers such as TENCEL®. Practical: for each fiber, TGL provides a how-to-care guide so that the clothes will last you longer.

sustainable fashion online store the green labels
left: Sweater by Cossac (€109.00 EUR)Fatima Corduroy Pants by Frisur (€160.00 EUR) right: Sultana Velvet T-Shirt Cordovan by Kings Of Indigo (€59.95 EUR)

“I want to encourage all fashion labels taking any steps in the right direction.” Claudia Angeli

sustainable fashion online store the green labels
Sabina Knitwear (€139.00 EUR) by Kings Of Indigo, Thin Top by Cossac (€75.00 EUR)Trilby Skirt by Kings Of Indigo (€99.95 EUR)

Learn While Shopping

But you can learn even more than just how to care for your clothes. “TGL also raises awareness by spreading the message about what is going wrong in the fashion industry. We stimulate discussion and propose solutions to people that want to make a difference”, says Claudia. On you can read about what each brand stands for as well as short articles on sustainability and interviews with fair fashion pioneers like ambassadors, designers, advocates and other inspiring people from the industry.

“I believe that business can be a significant force for change. It can have a major impact on the world that surrounds us, negative as well as positive.” – Claudia Angeli, founder of

sustainable fashion online store the green labels

sustainable fashion online store the green labels
top left: Aletta shirt by Armedangels (€89.90 EUR) & Gathered Dress by Signe (€94.00 EUR) top right: Elke Wrap Dress by Armedangels (€99.90 EUR) left: Babett Corduroy Dress by Frisur (€140.00 EUR), Eva Long Sleeve Top by Frisur (€89.00 EUR) right: Hanna Pullover by Armedangels (€69.90 EUR), Bendi pants by Armedangels (€89.90 EUR) 

How It All Started

What was Claudia’s motivation to start her own ethical online store?  “I was looking for a cool one-stop shop for sustainable fashion. But I couldn’t really find what I was looking for. I was searching for a place I can trust, knowing they are selecting labels that are making a difference.” Eventually, Claudia decided to quit her corporate job and founded TGL. Brave. We were wondering what the main challenges are when starting and running an online store? “It’s a lot of work! From creating a brand identity to making all the imagery and getting some good press references. Of course, fashion is very seasonal. It has some downsides as everything needs to happen in a short time. It definitively is very demanding but working with passion and towards a goal helps overcome moments of discouragement and doubt.” We love her passion for sustainable fashion and her drive to create this amazing store.

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sustainable fashion online store the green labels
left: Yuna Pullover by Armedangels (€79.90 EUR), Ocean Earring Hoop Gold by Neinties (€16.00 EUR) & Daisy Earring Hoop Gold by Neinties €22.00 EUR right: Long Bomber Jacket by Afriek (€329.00 EUR) & Thin Top by Cossac (€75.00 EUR),


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