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10 Fair Fashion Brands We Recommend This Month

10 Fair Fashion Brands We Recommend This Month

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In this article, we present 10 different fair fashion brands all established and led by inspiring women from all over the world. Our everlasting research for new conscious fashion brands unsheathed these wonderful contemporary fair fashion labels. Scroll further to learn more about the labels, their founders and stories, and the beautiful ethical collections.

BUKI AKOMOLAFE | Berlin, Germany

Bukia Komo
Photos: Chris Rinke for Buki Akomolafe

The first brand is Buki Akomolafe. A brand new conscious fashion label from Berlin, Germany. Not even 1 year ago since Buki founded her homonymous brand in 2016. Her inspiring fashion label is the most different yet wearable fashion line we have seen in a while. Classical European, gamine, and perfectly clean-tailored silhouettes in tones like white, beige, and navy meet traditional West-African details and dessins in beautiful bright colors like yellow, blue, or red. The designers German and Nigerian roots enable her to understand both cultures and allow her to reflect them into her unique designs which create a new consciousness for fashion and materials from both cultures. Her knowledge of African handicraft and techniques are visibly implemented in her pieces. Buki only uses high quality, eco-friendly materials like organic and certified cotton, organic hemp-silk, and individual African wax prints. The small-scale collection is fully handcrafted in her studio and small manufacture in Berlin. A part of the high-end womenswear pieces are reversible, so you can wear for example the quilt wrap skirt in navy blue at work and turn it into a yellow pattern skirt at night. You can mix and match all pieces of the collection among each other and create a plurality of different contemporary looks.

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SKALL STUDIO | Northern Denmark

skall studio
Photos: Skall Studio

Skall studio is one of the most timeless and sustainable fashion brands from Scandinavia. Since its establishment by the siblings Julie and Marie Skall in 2013, the slow fashion label gains European-wide attention from bloggers and customers who adore their simple clothes as we do. The minimalistic designed pieces are high in quality and fit and yet affordable. You can wear each piece whenever and wherever you want and you will always feel best-dressed. Skall studio consciously produces their clothes with responsibility and love for human beings and care for the environement and animals in equal measure. The pieces are fairly and carefully manufactured in Denmark and in two factories in India. In India, the one factory is a modern family-owned factory in New Delhi run by two sisters. The factory has an international BSCI certification (Business Social Compliances Initiative), which means that the factory works with a set standard for ethical and fair labor. The second factory is a “green” factory built on “green” visions and is located in Agra close to the Taj Mahal. The factory is GOTS certified and has the international SA8000 certificate which means that they work with high standards concerning labor and environment. The collections are made from eco-friendly, cruelty-free fabrics like organic cotton, recycled and organic wool, linen, and raw natural fibers that are all produced and dyed within the international standards REACH, GOTS, and OEKOTEX.

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GNANA | Bucharest, Romania

gnana studio conscious collection
Photos: Gnana

Gnana is a natural, eco-friendly, and fair fashion brand founded by Romanian fashion designer Floriana Sandu in Bucharest. The ethical fashion label is focused on high-quality craftsmanship and avoids using plastic and any microfibers and instead only uses carefully sourced natural materials like linen, modal, and organic cotton all dyed with ecological colors. The natural pieces are locally manufactured and woven with the newest Air Soft Technology. And this modern implementation of archaic woven techniques makes it possible to keep the resistance and natural properties of the fiber unaffected which supports the longevity of each garment. We love Gnana´s affordable summer collection which is minimal in its cuts and versatilely combinable. My favorite pieces are 1. this beautiful playful yet puristic Ika Nalu Skirt, ca. 84€ (left photo) that is made from a linen-modal mix with elegant hand-made plissé details and 2. this white Hua Blouse made from organic cotton, ca. 44€ (right photo) to wear at the beach. We love the free spirit in this casual collection and the fact that you can wear all pieces to so many occasions and combine it with different styles and accessories which is super practical and independent at the same time.

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LIGHTS OF ALL | Montreal, Canada

lights of all
Photos: Lights of All

Founded 2 months ago, in April 2017, Lights of All is a vegan and fair fashion brand from Montreal, Canada that shows eco-friendly fashion can be modern and is the future. Let´s begin with the name “Lights of All” what means the lights of all living beings like plants, animals, and human beings. Therefore Lights of All avoids using harmful chemicals, animal by-products, and disrespectfulness for humans. The label was founded by vegan fashion designer and philosopher Katia Hagen who started her career in New York at well-known companies like Jason Wu and Marchesa. At this time, while working with leathers and wools, she realized that she can not separate work from her vegan ideals. As a conclusion, she started her own vegan fashion label Lights of All. Her beautiful summer collection is inspired by sand, concrete, and contrasts: the desert sand storm, the peaceful beach, and the hard piece. So she created wonderful free-flowing and straight pieces which are all soft, comfortable, and behave almost like a second skin. Each piece of the collection is hand-crafted in her own studio. Lights of All uses eco-friendly materials like certified organic cotton. Some garments, for example, the terra cotta Long Cover Coat (left photo), 390$CAD, are hand-dyed in small batches so that the color is unique in each piece. If you wish to buy a hand-dyed piece, Lights of All will send you a photo of your piece before you confirm your order. This makes the shopping experience so unique and personal. We love this!

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SAT-SU-MA | Izmir, Turkey

sat su ma conscious clothing
Photos: sat-su-ma

Sat-su-ma is a young, organic and plant-dyed clothing line which was started by Özge Horasan at the beautiful Aegean Sea in Izmir, Turkey in 2013.  She spent hours with trying traditional dyeing recipes to ensure the most beautiful, environmental-friendly coloring results. And she decided to use a cold-dye technique with natural colors, a less energy consuming, sustainable, and more innovative dyeing technique. Sat-su-ma only uses certified organic plant dyes that are all disposable directly into the soil and biodegradable. The vivid colors come from plants such as pomegranate, madder, cutch, and indigo, that are being sustainably grown in North India. Each garment is handcrafted by a local fair trade factory in Izmir and is hand-dyed in their own studio. All sat-su-ma pieces are made from 100% organic cotton locally grown in their homeland of the Aegean coast. Elemental colors like light blue, green, orange, and pink match pretty smoothly in the summer collection. Simple and easy cuts charm in combination with cute details like a bow or ruche. “Our homeland is the Aegean, where the sun is always bright and the smell of flowering olive trees mix with citrus. Life is smooth and attuned with nature. Fruitfulness and tranquility of this ancient land inspire and nurture us. This is why we never stop showing respect in return and always recommend doing the same. Reconnect with Earth and dress in a more refined and responsible manner.” Sat-su-ma inspires us with their sustainability, consciousness for the environment, and their easiness and romance.

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JUNGLE FOLK | Zürich, Switzerland

jungle folk
Photos: Jungle Folk

Jungle Folk is a sustainable, fair fashion label which was founded by Pauline Treis during her Colombia trip in 2013. Pauline is based with Jungle Folk in Zürich, Switzerland. Pauline studied International Relation and has been traveling to Colombia multiple times in a year. During one of her Colombia trips, Pauline got inspired by the Colombian landscapes and ancient techniques. She started to develop her label with natively urban and rural artists which support the local community by increasing their incomes and improving their skills individually. Pauline wants to create social change by investing in people. So she employes artisans and sewers (mostly women) in a small factory workshop in Medellin, Colombia.  The beautiful line of Jungle Folk is not seasonal, it is all about timeless, classy pieces that are high in quality and wearable to nearly every occasion the whole year long. In Jungle Folk´s line, you will only find sustainable and certified materials such as organic cotton, linen, silk, wool, as well as recycled materials. We can not really decide which piece is our favorite but if we should pick one outfit for a romantic summer night, we would pick this outfit: Mara Print Shorts, ca. 205€ made from organic cotton, matched with the Catita Top, ca. 105€. How would you combine your favorite outfit?

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Photos: Miakoda

Miakoda is also a sister leaded brand like Skall studio. The two sisters Julia Ahrens and Laura Ahrens created Miakoda in Brooklyn, New York in 2013. Julia graduated from Parson’s School, counseled Zac Posen and designed pieces for his 2011 runway collection. Laura Ahrens is an accomplished Yoga instructor who co-owns the New School for Yogic Arts in Boston. Miakoda is feminine, chic, and ethical sportswear line for women who wants to feel cozy. This collection is made locally in Brooklyn from sustainable materials like organic cotton and circular bamboo rayon in pastel and minimal colors which you can wear and match endlessly. The comfort and support of the bodysuits and bralettes achieve the needs during sports. Just combine them with a second layer like the Racerbank Tank and  jogger or just go for the leggings for your next yoga session. We love the minimalism and comfort of the Miakoda collection.

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See Also

YUNIT | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Photos: Yunit

Yunit studio creates T-shirts! But not any T-shirts: Yunit´s T-shirts are unisex, sustainable, fair trade, comfortable, and suitable for every occasion. Plain long sleeves, sweaters, dresses, and pants complement the collection and are all made from the same thick organic cotton sweat material. The brand was founded by 30-year old Josine Castelein and Joeri Borst in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They both are also the founders of  Yaco Studio, beautifully colored, sustainable clothing racks which fit the clothes very well. “We think clothing needs to be for people, regardless of gender, age or skin color. Even though we recently added some dresses to our collection, we wouldn’t mind men wearing them. If you like it, you wear it.” Hey people, please stop shopping at fast fashion brand American Apparel and get your ethical Yunit basic instead!

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JAN `N JUNE | Hamburg, Germany

Jan n June
Photos: Jan `N June

Jan ´N June is one of the most popular eco – fair fashion brands in Germany and Europe for a while now. We think the founder´s work is so inspiring and cool.  Juliana and Anna founded Jan ´N June in Hamburg in 2014. At a cozy evening sitting with a bottle of vine discussing why it is impossible to find a stylish, sustainable, and affordable clothing line, they spontaneously decided to found their own label. And their big love for both our planet and minimal, stylish clothing can´t stop them to work for the dream of their own fair fashion label. The power couple accomplished a few milestones and their hard work is paying off now. All their pieces are ethically-made in a small factory in Julia´s motherland Poland. Anna and Julia know the factory workers very well and get to visit them a few times a year. They only use sustainable materials like GOTS certified organic cotton, linen, Tencel, recycled polyamide. My favorite pieces: We love the Black Pants Flo Flow, ca. 100€ which is made from 100% Tencel and the super classy Trench Coat Lotic, approx. 180€. In each piece, you can find an eco-id label which you can scan and it will show you the full garments journey. Try it!

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COAST | Los Angeles, USA

coast los angeles sustainable fashion
Photos: Coast

Coast is a collection made for women every age who love to wear effortless style while striving for sustainability and social consciousness. Coast was founded by Laura and Anne and is based in Downtown Los Angeles, California where their collection is manufactured in the garment district. The brand´s office is also based around the corner which makes it possible for the founders to talk with the workers daily to ensure the most ethical work environment. Coast is inspired by nature and only works with natural materials. The chic, really comfortable apparel is made from Belgian flax linen and organic cotton. We love love love their pieces, especially this oversized shirt Tokyo Button Down in pastel pink, ca. 168$US, the cropped Hamptons Pants in natural linen, ca. 155$US and all the cute vintage inspired Button Back Tanks, ca. 105 $US.

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Photos: PR

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