Melbourne in 2008, a team of 19 and 20 year olds attending university set out to make a difference in the world. With no background in business, it could’ve been a fool’s dream, but these weren’t your ordinary students. Having donated more than 5.5 million A$ to those in need, their company Thankyou has exceeded their highest expectations.

Thankyou Story

Thankyou was created to help solve the the global water crisis, where 900 million civilians weren’t able to access drinking water everyday. Their solution? Bottled water. While it may seem ironic, Thankyou reports that the Australian bottled water industry brings in an average of 600 million A$ annually, providing the perfect foundation for their enterprise. Not long later, they released their first line of bottled water, where the proceeds were used to fund water projects internationally. Since then, the company has continued to grow to new heights, expanding to over 50 products, with 100% of their profits funding “safe water, food and hygiene and sanitation around the world.” While you may be thinking, how do you know it’s legit? They have made sure their company is completely transparent, by even making their financial statements easily accessible on their website, removing all sense of doubt.

Thankyou Products

Thankyou truly cater to your every need, selling products across four categories: Food, Water, Body Care and their latest addition, Baby. Our favourite products include the Cranberry and Coconut Bars, that are not only delicious but are also made with UTZ certified cocoa, which supports sustainable farming. Their 600ml Premium Spring Water, being derived from Australian springs, made from 50% recycled plastic and BPA free. Last but not least, we have to mention their nappies. We all want the best products for our children. However, baby products are known to be extremely harmful to the environment, with the worst culprit being the nappy, as babies tend to go through several a day. However, unlike other companies, Thankyou have turned the baby industry upside down by manufacturing their products ethically and by making it 100% cruelty-free. Their nappies are made from wood pulp which is extracted from sustainably managed forests. From here “the pulp is produced in operations that minimise the impact on air, water and land.” Their thoughts: “Less wood pulp = a slimmer nappy with less packaging material, less waste and a smaller environmental footprint,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Thankyou Projects

Each time you purchase Thankyou (currently available in Australia and soon in New Zealand, too) you are helping raise the poverty line. From providing child and maternal services, to building water wells, every one of their products helps to fund projects. So no matter what you buy, you can be rest assured that you are contributing. Not only do you get the satisfaction that you are doing your good deed for the day, but you can even look up the project you helped carry out. Each product has been labelled with a unique tracker ID, meaning you can find out all the little details about each project, proving yet again the clarity Thankyou strives for.

As of February 2017, Thankyou’s water, hygiene, and sanitation impact has reached 545,360 people, with many more to come. What started out with a young group of university students, has become a source of inspiration for many other eager entrepreneurs. With their journey far from over, it’s a company to keep your eye on, as they release more exotic and wonderful products for the family to enjoy.


Thankyou in Kenya.
kenya woman
Woman in Kenya.

thankyou water hygiene
Child in Kenya.
girl in school kenya
Girl in school in Kenya.

thankyou india family
Indian family.
thank you indian woman
Thankyou in India.

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