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Top Websites To Find Eco Hotels Worldwide

Top Websites To Find Eco Hotels Worldwide

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We all want to live and travel consciously. Living consciously means leaving a smaller footprint on our earth by reducing waste, saving water, saving energy, eating locally- and naturally sourced food. To be able to live consciously in hotels, too, we need to find eco hotels which take care of the environment, social balance and our health. And it is made easy for us to find green places thanks to the online eco hotel directories Mañana and  Green Pearls. Read more about the directories below.

1. Mañana

the james hotel nyc
The James Hotel, New York

Mañana was founded by two Swedes Malin Möller and Lisa Orrenius. They created Mañana as listing website for eco hotels out of the love for nature and traveling. Both traveled the world far and near but they missed one place where to find only ethical and eco-friendly hotels worldwide. So they decided to build their own listing platform where you can book your next vacation with a good conscience.

1 Hotel Central Park, New York
1 Hotel Central Park, New York

Mañana lists hundreds of carefully selected green, fair and supportive hotels from all over the world which fulfill the Mañana criteria. Suitable for every budget, traveling type or destination preferences, everyone will find a Hotel for their next holiday, business trip or weekend getaway. Above and below you find 4 of my favorite Eco Hotels which are whether on my bucket list or I have already been to like Raphel Hotel Wälderhaus, see my review here.

raphael hotel waelderhaus hamburg
Raphael Hotel Waelderhaus, Hamburg

On Mañana you can search by different categories like `Yoga´, `Beach´, `City´, `family friendly´, by destinations or you can browse hotels. Each hotel profile has a detailed description and a link to their booking partner who has a 24/7 customer service. Enjoy discovering Mañana and let us know which Hotels have made it to your bucket list.

ace hotel los angeles
Ace Hotel, Los Angeles

2. Green Pearls

Strandhaus Spreewald
Strandhaus Boutique Resort & Spa, Lübben (Spreewald)

Green Pearls is a Germany-based but international information platform where you find sustainable and unique hotels worldwide. Green Pearls provides us with transparent information about each hotel. Each hotel must fulfill a range of requirements before gets listed on the website.

Lefay Resort, Lago di Garda

Green Pearls chooses their hotels and restaurants by meeting the standards of sustainability, hospitality, service and high quality. On their website, you can filter with lists or maps by destination, country or hotel type through dozens of green pearls. I recently have visited the Hotel Outside, which made a super friendly impression and fulfills a high standard of sustainability. The full review will be live soon. On my bucket list are 4 other green pearls, see them above and below. What green pearls are yours?

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay
Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam
ecocamp patagonia standard domes 3
EcoCamp Patagonia, Torres del Paine

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