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Trusted! Brand ID helps you take public responsibility and share your transparent information on an independent media platform so people can easily understand, recognize and trust your sustainable brand. 

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Trusted! Brand ID Badge

Your brand is highlighted throughout our content with the Trusted Brand badge, so users can easily recognize your Trusted Brand.

Trusted! Brand Directory Listing & ID Profile

Listing in our Trusted! Brands Directory and your own Trusted! Brands ID profile that we create manually. You can have the brand information updated at any time and the images updated once during the membership.

Trustmark Rights

The right to place our Identified Trusted! Brand logo in the footer of your website. The logo must always be linked to


One-time introduction of your Trusted! Brand with an excerpt, linked to your brand profile, in our MOCHNI newsletter.

Global Networking Support

MOCHNI is proud to support your Trusted! Brand by recommending your brand to our global network of business partners, media and friends. We look forward to helping you connect with organizations and individuals around the world to build strategic relationships that support a sustainable economy.

Possibility of Extended Partnership

Only as a Trusted! Brand you have the possibility to enter into an extended partnership with MOCHNI. You can, for example, become a sponsor of an article or special issue or book selected advertising with MOCHNI.

20-Min. Brand Feedback Call

20-minute brand feedback call with our founder Antonia. With Antonia, you have a conversation partner who speaks to you simultaneously from the perspective of a conscious customer, a journalist, and a sustainability-focused digital entrepreneur.  Antonia will give you general feedback on your trusted brand and online store presence. 

ID Profile Booster

The Profile Booster makes a snippet of your profile visible on the MOCHNI home page and on a main category page, e.g. Fashion. The duration of visibility depends on when new chronologically posted content displaces the snippet.

Promo Code – coming soon

The opportunity to offer a promo code and be listed on our promo code page.

ID Package

Micro Business

1-10 employees
€60 excl. VAT Per month / billed annually

Small Business

11-100 employees
€120 excl. VAT Per month / billed annually

Medium Business

101-10.000 employees
€400 excl. VAT Per month / billed annually

ID+ Package

Micro Business

1-10 employees
€100 excl. VAT Per month / billed annually

Small Business

11-100 employees
€200 excl. VAT Per month / billed annually

Medium Business

101-10.000 employees
€670 excl. VAT Per month / billed annually

How it works.

01 Fill in the application form.

To receive the Trusted! Brand ID, the brand’s CEO must complete our application form (digital questionnaire) identifying their sustainability and social responsibility practices and providing transparent information about the brand, company and its product range and successfully pass our review process. The Trusted! Brand Membership criteria are clearly stated in each step of the submission form.

02 Wait for the review process.

We go through the responses carefully and review them against our requirements and criteria. Our review process involves, among other things, doing some spot checks by looking at the code of conduct and material specifications on your website, for example. We have compiled a comprehensive list of textiles, fibers, materials, ingredients and certifications that match our criteria. We use this list internally to match brands’ manufacturing, materials and ingredient claims. If we need more information, we will inform you by email.

03 Get approved.

Upon successful identification of your Trusted Brand, we will email you an approval along with an invoice. This usually takes only 1 to 2 business days after we receive your application form, but can take up to 10 business days during very busy times. Please pay the fee immediately as described on the invoice. Our bank account is with Triodos Bank N.V. and its branch in Germany, an ethical bank based in the Netherlands.

04 Welcome Trusted! Brand.

After successful payment we will create and publish your Trusted! Brand ID. Please allow a maximum of 10 business days for creation.

All other services included in your Trusted! Brand Membership package will be published at our discretion within the year.


Until now, only brands have been rated, but never have brands had to make public statements about their sustainability claims on an independent third-party platform. How can you rate brands when there is no uniform global basis of sustainability standards and information? Instead of rating brands, Trusted! Brand ID requires brands to provide transparent, first-hand information. The Trusted! Brand ID helps CEO’s take public responsibility and share transparent information so people can easily understand, recognize and trust sustainable brands. All Trusted! Brand IDs are quickly accessible worldwide through our database, the Trusted! Brand Directory.

Before a brand receives its Trusted! Brand ID, the brand’s CEO must complete an application form identifying their sustainability and social responsibility practices and providing transparent information about the brand, company and its product range.

We have established Trusted Brand Membership requirements and criteria based on the world’s most recognized human rights and sustainability standards and certifications. The brand must indicate which sustainability criteria the brand meets. 

The brand must comply with the MOCHNI Fair Trade and Social Justice criteria.

The brand’s product range must be offered at the point of sale (POS) and must be geared towards the sale of sustainable products.

The entire product range of the brand must be produced directly by the brand’s own factory or by manufacturers with whom the brand is in direct contact – production through sub-contractors is not allowed.

The entire range of products must not fall under the List of Prohibitions.

Only legal entities, partnerships and persons with unlimited legal capacity based are allowed to apply and must be the managing director (CEO) of the brand/company. Applications from consumers and minors/private individuals are not permitted.

We review the submitted information against our Trusted! Brand Membership requirements and criteria. The review process may also include requesting samples to evaluate products, on-site visits to workshops and offices, audits of social media accounts and editorial coverage of the industry, and a review of their interactions with their customers to determine service commitment and reputation. In addition, we briefly review the specifications of materials and ingredients. 

For tax reasons, we can currently only work with brands based in the following countries: EU, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, China.

The validity period of the Trusted! Brand ID is one year.  Auto-Renewal: Trusted! Brand Membership subscription will automatically renew for one-year periods unless the member notifies MOCHNI by email to at least sixty (60) days prior to the start of the next renewal period.

The call takes place regardless of the Trusted Brand ID publication date. The call can take place individually within the membership year. Please email us at to schedule an appointment.

Yes, every Trusted! Brand member has the right to place the “Trusted! Brand – identified by MOCHNI” logo in the footer of the brand’s website as long as the brand is a Trusted! Brand member. The logo must always be linked to

Payments must be made by SEPA direct debit within the EU and by PayPal from applicants from the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, Switzerland and China.

The payment must be made at the latest 5 days after receipt of the invoice.

Please note that if you are a brand based in that country, you may have to pay VAT:

Companies based in Germany: 19% German VAT is charged

Companies based in the EU: Reverse Charge – VAT liability rests with the service recipient [EU VAT ID of the recipient] Companies based in the EU must enter their EU VAT ID.

Companies based outside the EU: We currently only offer our services to companies based in countries where the Reverse Charge mechanism – VAT liability rests with the service recipient – is applicable: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, China, Switzerland.

No, the Trusted! Brand Membership fee only has to be paid if the applicant is admitted. In case of rejection, no fee is payable. 

We have developed an application form with conditional logic based on our Trusted! Brand Membership criteria. The Trusted! Brand Membership criteria are clearly stated in each step of the submission form. This helps to require appropriate information from the brand. Using our digital questionnaire, each CEO identifies which criterion is met and explains this with a statement of assurance. We transfer this information into the respective Trusted Brand ID. Brands are responsible for providing their information truthfully and must at all times comply with our requirements and criteria and ensure that products, processes, materials and content do not fall under the list of prohibitions.

In order for a brand to receive a Trusted! Brand ID, the brand must successfully pass our review process (read more below).

As the topic of sustainability continues to evolve, we are also constantly updating our Trusted Brand membership requirements and criteria. So we reserve the right to modify the Trusted Brand membership requirements and criteria as well as the application form at any time and without giving reasons. We also expect our members to act responsibly and monitor the marketplace to ensure they are working with the most sustainable options whenever possible. Brands are responsible for providing truthful information and must comply with our requirements at all times. If the Brand ceases to comply with the current requirements and criteria, MOCHNI will notify the Brand by email and request that the Brand change the information within a 4 week period. The Brand may submit the changes via email to If the brand can no longer meet the MOCHNI requirements, MOCHNI has the right to delete the Trusted! Brand ID and all ads / sponsorship content related to the brand or make the content invisible until the brand meets the current requirements again.

Brands can request information updates at any time by sending an email to When we update the profile, the audience will see a date on the respective profile indicating when the information was last updated.

Trusted Brand ID or any content may be deleted at any time upon notification by the brand via email to If a Trusted Brand ID or content is deleted, no fee already paid will be reimbursed.

You can report fraud, competition or trademark infringements immediately to so that they can be dealt with.

MOCHNI can take the following measures if there are concrete indications that a brand violates legal regulations, rights of third parties or our agreement, or if MOCHNI has another legitimate interest:

– Deletion of Trusted Brand ID or other content posted on MOCHNI.

– Delay in publishing content via the MOCHNI service

– Warning of members

– Restrictions in the use of the MOCHNI service

– Temporary blocking of members

– Permanent blocking of members

You can always contact us by sending an email to