Here we show you how you protect your skin from free radicals in the most natural way. We discovered the Nuori Supreme-C serum treatment that we tested and fell in love with. Generally, we are huge fans of Nuori products because they are natural, effective, and fresh. Rebelling against the industry standard 30-month shelf life, all Nuori products are built to last for just 6 months. Why? Simply because fresh skin care means better effectiveness of the active ingredients. The brand wants you to reap the benefits of these ingredients, all that have been carefully chosen due to scientifically proven results for each skin concern. Now, follow along below to learn how you protect your skin from free radicals and get a brighter complexion.


Step 1: Vital Foaming Cleanser

nuori cleanser

Start with a dry face. Dot the foaming cleanser onto the main zones of your face to evenly distribute the product. Massage the cleanser into the skin with your hands to break up any product buildup and stimulate exfoliation. Lastly, wipe away with a warm washcloth.

Why it works: Pomegranate enzyme and radish root extract act as gentle exfoliants. Oat kernel extract and natural betaine (an amino acid) work to calm redness and irritation. Finally, plant-derived glycerin helps to lock in moisture to the skin. The end result is calm, smooth, hydrated skin. To see why this cleanser is great in a nighttime routine, read all about this and other top products for a healthy sleep here.


Step 2: Supreme-C Serum Treatment

nuori serum

For the first use, mix the fresh vitamin C powder with the serum and shake. Two vials are included in this 10-day intensive treatment, each of which should be used up within the consecutive 10 day period. Use the dropper to apply serum to a dry, clean face. The treatment is equally effective both morning and night.

Why it works: The packaging is designed to preserve the vitamin C until you are ready to begin use. Freshness is important for efficacy due to vitamin C’s known propensity to break down in cosmetic formulations immediately after mixing. This potent ingredient is the star of Supreme-C due to its ability to repair skin damage caused by free radicals and further protects the skin for a revived complexion.

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For more on why fresh skin care matters, you can catch our interview with Nuori founder Jasmi Bonnén here.