We created a list of the safest clean beauty stores worldwide for you. Because one of the biggest barriers of making the switch to nontoxic cosmetics is that people simply don’t know what’s safe and what’s not. Many of us consumers have taken it upon ourselves to learn the lingo and decipher a label’s hard to read ingredients. But the fact of the matter is that many don’t have the time or energy to research every product just to know what’s safe to use (and we shouldn’t have to). Luckily, there are plenty of online shops who’ve done the work for you by setting strict standards for their products. To shop clean beauty products without worry, check out these clean beauty stores below.


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For those of you that don’t want to give up the thrill of earning rewards points that comes with big beauty stores, Amazingy is for you. The rewards system allows shoppers to rack up points with every purchase to use towards future purchases. Amazingy also offers brands in every price range with a “Deals” section under each category. Amazingy chooses effective organic and natural products from ethical companies with a responsible approach to the environment. Therefore you won’t find any ingredients like parabens or SLS on the site, and no animal testing – ever. Having trouble finding the right product for you? Amazingy has an online blog to help you understand which products will best suit your needs.

Shop: amazingy.com | Instagram: @iamazingy

Art of Pure

art of pure
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Created out of necessity, Art of Pure’s intention is to help others struggling with stressed and tired skin transition easily to natural products. Art of Pure knows that making the switch can be difficult, so they insist you email for any advice. Their variety of skincare is outstanding as well, truly embodying the kind of shop founder Monika Joshi needed when dealing with problematic skin concerns for both her and baby. A true believer of the healing properties of nontoxic beauty, Joshi makes a point to never stop researching for the best ingredients and products that the wellness world has to offer.

Shop: artofpure.com | Instagram: @artofpure

Beautiful Because is now Shop Naturally

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Former beauty editor Nina Weston was fed up with the ads and pretty packaging distracting consumers from the harmful toxins in much of the beauty industry. As a result, Weston saw firsthand how others’ skin reacted to the common synthetics and cheap fillers in conventional products. After doing her own research and discovering the links between these typical ingredients and popular health complaints, she set out to offer natural alternatives through Beautiful Because. Weston is rather aware that it can be difficult to find clean beauty products that emulate the results and textures of conventional products. Hence, it became her mission to bring the high-performing nontoxic products to the masses with Beautiful Because.

Shop: shopnaturally.com.au

Cap Beauty

Cap Beauty began as a store and spa combo in New York City’s West Village and has since opened a second store in LA and created an online shop as well. At Cap Beauty, you can find an extremely comprehensive range of clean wellness lines, housing everything from indie brand serums to medicinal mushroom coffee. The website is extremely easy to navigate and even includes chic curated edits to help you find the products that best suit your needs. Cap Beauty calls their brand a clubhouse and boasts good vibes for all as they hold a truly unique space in the clean beauty realm.

Shop: capbeauty.com | Instagram: @capbeautydaily

Content Beauty

content beauty
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Content Beauty & Wellbeing is an organic skincare shop, naturopathic clinic, and beauty salon that has been around for a decade now. Based out of London, the online shop features an array of products with the same expert knowledge as the in-house clinic and salon offers. Content knows that some ingredients straddle the line of what one considers a natural product. In which case, the ingredients that some may avoid are highlighted in the “details” section of the product description. Just as a professional would be candid when you ask specific ingredient questions, Content’s site already has the answers ready for you.

Shop: contentbeautywellbeing.com | Instagram: @contentbeauty


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LeVert is the chic way to do green beauty (as if you couldn’t already tell by its name). The LeVert team critically inspects and chooses products that will not create any future harm or health concerns. The shop is carefully curated with a selection of nontoxic luxury products that are as effective as they are pretty in LeVert’s blogger-like Instagram feed. Their editor’s picks are nothing to scoff at either: just a browse through the pages will find you the most highly respected products of the clean beauty world. Not to mention, LeVert has big “Best in Beauty” awards backing them from huge names in women’s media.

Shop: levertbeauty.com | Instagram: @levertbeauty

Natural Supply Co

natural supply co
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Three Australian moms founded Natural Supply Co with a mission to have a one-stop shop for natural alternatives. Their honesty is felt in the small details like explaining why natural cleaning products have saved their silk clothing, or laughing at how their husbands will just never understand the need for five different shampoos. With genuine statements like wanting to teach their daughters a love for quality beauty products “without sacrificing integrity,” you can count on this trio of moms to never steer you wrong. On the site you’ll find clean products to suit your various needs ranging from cosmetics to baby-specific. Remember, mom always knows best.

Shop: naturalsupplyco.com | Instagram: @naturalsupplyco

Savue Beauty

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German-based Savue stocks clean products from the world’s top green beauty brands. Their focus is on products that both feel good and look natural. If you’re in Berlin, you can shop at the Savue showroom, and Berlin-based brides can book a green makeup artist there for the big day. Coming from the world’s most vegan-friendly city, Savue is also aware of their vegan customers and includes a filter for convenient shopping. The shop features everything beauty from nail products to body care to supplements, all from high-ranking clean beauty brands.

Shop: savuebeauty.com | Instagram: @savuebeauty