New: Vegan & Organic Food Shots To Mix In Your Food And On Your Skin

This is pretty amazing: The wellness and skincare brand You & Oil presents Food Shots that you can use as a food supplement and beauty product. That means you can mix them into your food and apply them to your skin or hair for faster results. The Food Shots are also perfectly suitable for vegans as they contain only 100% natural, plant-based, cruelty-free, and ISO-certified ingredients. The products are developed by a scientific team in the company’s own laboratory in Vilnius, Lithuania. Is this what the beauty products of the future look like? Read on to learn more about You & Oil’s Food Shots for internal & external use and get 25% OFF with PROMO CODE: mochni25 

Beauty From Within: Mix A Few Drops Into Your Food

So far, You & Oil offers four different food shots, all of which are highly nutritious but have different health benefits. Some of their benefits include moisturizing your skin from the inside, improving skin circulation, and providing the body with essential amino acids, vitamins, micro/macro elements, omega- fatty acids, etc. Depending on which Food Shot you choose, you can mix a few drops into salads, fruits, yogurts, smoothies, and more.

Beautiful Inside & Out: Use A Few Drops On Your Body

You can use You & Oil‘s Food Shots as beauty oils and apply them directly to your skin or hair. Massage a few drops e.g. into the face to help protect the skin from oxidative aging, maintain collagen, minimize large pores, lighten pigmentation spots, and more. You can usually apply them either before using your face cream or rub them into your hair for shiny healthy ends and to promote hair growth. Rest assured, as mentioned above, You & Oil products are natural and thus absolutely free from nasty preservatives and harmful substances like parabens, sulfates, or mineral oil. 

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