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What are “Jutti” Slippers? Learn in 5 Minutes

What are “Jutti” Slippers? Learn in 5 Minutes

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You’ve probably seen Jutti slippers without knowing what they’re called or where they came from. Read on to learn what Jutti slippers are and how Pakistani fashion designer Ammar Belal has reinterpreted the 400-year-old shoe while respecting its roots and culture with ONE432 as an example of cultural appreciation.

What Are Jutti Slippers?

The Jutti, also called Juttis, or Jutti slippers are 400-year old traditional shoes originating from Northern India and Pakistan. They are usually made of leather with elaborate embroidery and are for both women and men. 

Three facts you should know about Jutti slippers:

  1. Both shoes – left and right – are 100% identical. They adapt to the shape of your feet over time, which makes them super comfy to wear.
  2. Juttis consist of a lower flat sole and an upper with no side parts (some slippers are backless!) – perfect for all foot types!
  3. With their detailed handmade embroidery and sometimes jewels, Juttis are incredibly difficult to make and were reserved for the elite in the past. – A true symbol of cultural pride. The artisans who make them often pass their skills down through generations.

How Jutti Slippers Are Your Perfect Companion Today

Aiming to revive the 400-year-old Jutti slippers and integrate them into a contemporary wardrobe, Pakistani fashion designer Ammar Belal founded ONE432 to give them a modern twist while remaining a Jutti at its core. Belal “updated” the Jutti while maintaining the traditional value of the slippers by…

  1. Experimenting with other, more sustainable materials such as hand-woven cotton, upcycled denim, vegetable dyes, and leather sourced as scrap from nearby factories.
  2. Adding a rubber sole for extra comfort and durability.
  3. Designing everyday Juttis but also hand-embroidered Juttis with hand-embroidered with a variety of themes and motifs inspired by everything from nature to pop-culture.

Slippers That Send Kids To School

When you buy a pair of Jutti slippers from ONE432, the brand shares 50% of the profit earned on each shoe  (or any other product sold) with artisans and schools that provide education to underprivileged children in Pakistan. With this model, founder Belal wanted to show that you can be a self-sustaining business even if you donate half of your profits. He hopes to inspire other companies to do the same.

Amazingly, as you browse the ONE432 online store, you can see a tracker below the products that indicate how much money was raised from each product and how many children were sent to school. These trackers are updated in real time! Is this what online shopping of the future could look like? You can also find all of their sales and donations to the cause, as well as the amounts earned by their artisans, on their website.

Shop Jutti Slippers on ONE432.COM.

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