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What The F*ck Are Vegan Condoms?

What The F*ck Are Vegan Condoms?

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Today is World AIDS Day – which we see as a beautiful reminder to unite people and the planet worldwide in the fight against HIV. Protecting with condoms should be a must when having sex but have you ever heard of vegan condoms? Then let us introduce you to what vegan condoms are, their benefits, and our favorite brands.

But First, What’s Vegan Again?

For starters, being vegan means sticking to a plant-based lifestyle. Vegans do not consume animal products, including meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, leather, fur, silk, feathers, etc. OR products that contain animal-derived substances. This means that vegan products are free of animal (by-)products and do not harm animals during production e.g. animal testing (buzzword cruelty-free).

What’s A Vegan Condom?

Most condoms are made of latex which is a fluid harvested from rubber trees. So basically all latex condoms could very well be vegan, right? – Not really. Here comes the non-vegan part: to soften the latex during the rubber-making process, regular condoms use the milk protein casein whereas vegan condom brands replace casein with plant-based alternatives such as thistle extract.

“There’s growing environmental awareness but does that mean everyone wants to know if their condom is vegan? – No. Everyone is thinking about the ingredients in their food and their makeup, but no one is thinking about the ingredients that go in the products they put in the most intimate parts of our body.”


Benefits Of Vegan Condoms

If you think vegan condoms are solely for vegans, think again: vegan condoms are not only plant-based but also a healthy and sustainable alternative to regular condoms. See all of their benefits for your body, animals, people, and the environment below.

1. Health

Most vegan condom brands don’t use harmful chemicals* which can cause yeast infections, irritations & other health problems. Instead, they opt for natural & plant-based ingredients e.g. pure silicone oil for lubricants or organic, food-safe vegetable/fruit extracts for colored & flavored condoms.

*such as nitrosamines, spermicide, paragons, benzocaine, petroleum, nonoxynol-9, paraben or glycerin

2. Animal Welfare

Vegan condom brands only use plant-based ingredients and do not test on animals. Moohoo!

3. Environment

Usually, vegan condoms are made of natural rubber latex from sustainably grown forests.

4. Fairtrade

Vegan condom companies pay their farmers and factory workers a fair living wage and make them work under healthy conditions. The crazy thing is that they still cost about the same as regular condoms.

5. Brands We Love:

So what do you think, are you down to try vegan condoms? Stay healthy, surprise your lover, and collect some karma points. – You can thank us later 😉

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