© Panka for MOCHNI.COM
© Panka for MOCHNI.COM

The Paleo Diet is the stone age diet and very simple to follow!

Only natural food is allowed. Processed food often contains additives and our body is not designed to metabolize them. The basic paleo diet says you should eat 15% protein, 20% carbs and 65% healthy fats daily.

What to eat on a Paleo Diet:

Eggs – You can eat eggs. Choose eggs from organic egg production.
Vegetable – You can eat raw or cooked vegetable en masse. Broccoli, potatoes (especially sweet potatoes) etc. deliver good fibers, vitamins and secondary plant compounds.
Fruit – Fruit delivers good fibers, vitamins and secondary plant compounds, but also sugar. 2 portions fruit a day are totally fine. Buy organic, seasonal and local fruit to avoid ecological damage.
Meat and Fish – Meat and fish deliver important amino acids, vitamins and mineral nutrients. Organic meat from grass-fed animals contains healthier fatty acids than conventional meat. Eat organic and sustainably caught wild seafood.
Fats – Healthy fats / multiple saturated fatty acids like butter, ghee and coconut oil (perfect for cooking) are allowed. You also can eat single saturated fatty acids like olive oil and avocado oil.

What to eat in moderation on a Paleo Diet:

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Nuts – You can eat nuts, but in moderation. Quite a few nuts contain a high percentage of Omega 6 fatty acids (Walnuts the highest and Macadamias the lowest). In general it is not bad, only when you eat too much of O6-intensive nuts it can prevent the positive effect of Omega 3.
Grains and pulses – Eat grains and pulses in moderation as we know corn and fruit contain gluten and lectins, which are part of the plant`s immune system and can damage human intestinal cells. Grains are very low in nutritional value.
Alcohol – Generally alcoholic drinks are not included in the Paleo diet. But if you like to toast one or another night, try it with dry red wine. It contains less sugar and more antioxidants than white wine.

What not to eat on a Paleo Diet:

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Milk – Milk should not drunk on the Paleo diet. Many people are intolerant or allergic to milk sugar, lactose or the milk protein Casein. Milk abstinence helps you get rid of acne, overweight, gastro intestinal trouble and allergy. If you really can´t live without dairy milk and it is compatible for you, at least drink organic milk.
Sugar – Tabu! Sugar is very fast absorbed by the body and it gives you energy but the energy is burned very fast, too and then you get the munchies for something. It also contains very less mineral nutrients and vitamins. Tip: Eat some energy bites. For example the new balls from Deliciously Ella, as we mentioned in our HOT SPOT mae deli review.

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