Have you ever thought about walking barefoot was good for you? We can say: Yes it is. After all, we were born without shoes and have simply forgotten how to walk barefoot. In this article, we explain why walking barefoot is actually good for you.

Photo left: Saul, photo right: Bug Clothing

1. It´s Relaxing

Connecting your feet with nature is relaxing for your body and soul. There’s nothing better for your feet than walking barefoot in water or on the sand, grass or even on stone. Consciously pay attention to how your feet feel. There are many nerve endings in the soles of the feet. Try to walk on the tips of your toes, heel, the inner and outer edge of your feet. Therefore there is also the foot reflexology massage.

Photos: Bug Clothing

2. It Trains Your Muscles

Walking on different surfaces trains the foot muscles. The foot must always adapt to the unevenness of the ground. This means that the foot muscles are trained constantly and it also prevents foot malpositions.

Photos: Ozma California

3. It Is Free And Sustainable

You don’t even need to buy shoes and not only save money but also do something good for the environment. Therefore: walk as often as you can without shoes. We love it!