slow fashion books

Although many of us are familiar with the concept ‘Slow Fashion’, sometimes it gets even more definitions by hearing different perspectives on this topic. Does it come with authenticity? Is it trustworthy? What is the role of a manufacturer in this process? Which materials are being used? And what can you do as a customer to contribute to the concept of slow fashion? So many questions, so many different issues to cover when it comes to this subject. With the dark and cold winter months ahead, we selected 3 inspiring must-readings on slow fashion to provide you with some food for thought.

Here are our Top 3 Must-Readings On Slow Fashion To Inspire You:

1. Worn Stories – by Emily Spivack (2014)

This book, written by Emily Spivack, reveals over 60 stories about the emotional and personal connection people develop with pieces in their wardrobe. Instead of focusing on fast fashion, it is about memories you built with a piece of clothing over the years. Everyone has a relationship with at least one piece of clothing. The book empathizes once more that clothing is not about trends, the latest look or going after 6 fashion collections per season. It is about the story, the personal connection. A piece of clothing reveals our identity and is encrypted with the stories of our everyday life, something we should realize more often and keep nurturing.

2. Fashion Made Fair – by Ellen Köhrer and Magdalena Schaffrin (2016)

An increasing number of designers is aware of the fact that slow fashion is here to stay. ‘Fashion Made Fair’, which is also the perfect coffee table book, shows that the fashion industry is changing. Upcoming designers are featured in this book, showing beautiful clothing pieces and at the same time responding, with a different voice to the fast fashion scene. The concept of slow fashion is covered by many different aspects in this book. The use of organic and recycled materials, good working conditions, innovative techniques and a high focus on craftsmanship are just a couple of examples on how to contribute to a more sustainable fashion future. Beautiful pictures together with inspiring stories, this book is a must-read for this winter.

3. Slow Fashion – Aesthetics Meets Ethics – by Safia Minney (2016)

Safia Minney shows with her book ‘Slow Fashion’ the importance of pioneers in the industry that put sustainability central to everything. It covers a wide variety of people, designers and eco-concept stores across the globe who are fighting for a sustainable economy and the well-being of our planet. Fair trade, organic products, local craftsmanship and second hand are the future of retail. It really provides a refreshing perspective on the world of fashion. ‘Slow Fashion’ is a game changer; (new) labels, designers and concept stores are feeling the urge to change the fashion landscape more than ever before. Besides the inspiring stories in this book, the pictures are also breathtaking.

Did you read one of the books? What is your view on it? Or do you have any suggestions on other must-reads on Slow Fashion? Let us know in the comments below.