As the air turns a bit more chilly and all things pumpkin spice return, so do our fall wardrobes. Finding vintage fashion pieces to give life to your seasonal wardrobe is affordable and sustainable. Read on for the best classy, vintage finds for fall.

1. Beige Trench Coat

Nothing is more professional or timeless than a beige trench coat. Functional and stylish, it can be paired with work attire, or simple jeans and a white tee. To make this piece last through the winter season, find a thicker coat with warm lining.

2. Blue Jeans Jacket

A wardrobe essential, a jean jacket stands up to wear and can be worn with virtually anything. Paired with black jeans and a sweater, it’s the perfect fall find.

3. Knit Sweater

Cozy and warm, a knit sweater never goes out of style. To add some flair and continue a summer trend, find a knit with cute pom-poms.

4. Brown Leather Backpack

For hands-free style and a versatile bag, find a brown leather backpack. Leather stands up to harsh weather and can be easily paired with casual and dressy ensembles alike.

5. Black Belt

Perfect for cinching the waist of a sweater dress or adding some flair to blue jeans, a black belt is a useful and stylish.

6. Red French Hat

Add some Parisian flair with a red French hat. Red adds a pop of color and can be easily transitioned into the winter season. Illustrations by Panka Bojtor Text by Cassandra Fischer