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In 2015, we launched MOCHNI as one of the first international media platforms that made fair and sustainable fashion COOL! With our fresh and easy-to-understand original content we help our audience to understand important social and environmental topics and to find sustainable and fair trade products from the most responsible brands around the world. Our editorial coverage includes product and brand roundups, learning guides, expert advice and Q&A’s with founders and creatives who give a transparent insight behind their products and companies. 

When selecting brands, places, resources and creatives for our content, we primarily choose those listed on our directory ECO ALPHABET.

The name MOCHNI is a Native American name with the meaning: Talking bird. The CH is pronounced like a K. With great respect and appreciation we are inspired by the incredible artistry and spirit of the Native Americans and their culture.

Conscious Loft is our entertaining, educational and fun 200-700 sqm pop-up and event space with sessions, master-classes, talks, shopping, goodies and networking, all focused on fair and eco fashion, natural beauty, wellbeing, food and eco-friendly living, hosted by our favorite experts worldwide.


100% First-Hand Brand Transparency.
Delivered In One Directory.
Accessible Worldwide.

With ECO ALPHABET we ask brands to provide transparent information on their sustainable business practices checked against our criteria. Once approved this data is published in their respective profile. Our audience loves this brand transparency quickly accessible in one directory.

ECO ALPHABET is an online directory that showcases approved Eco Brands, Eco Hot Spots, Eco Resources and Eco Creatives with their self-filled transparency profiles. Our aim with ECO ALPHABET is to enable consumers and professionals to quickly find trusted, transparent information that meets their needs and ethical preferences using the directory’s filtering and search functions, while helping companies and people be open with truthful information and facts. Approved brands and resources must pay an annual listing fee for our service. There are currently no fees for Eco Hot Spot and Eco Creative profiles.

What makes ECO ALPHABET unique compared to usual eco directories?

How can you rate a brand if there is no transparency? Instead of rating brands, ECO ALPHABET demands transparent first-hand information from participants. Each participant that wants to get listed must complete our submission form to confirm that they meet the social, ethical and environmental standards set out in the ECO ALPHABET criteria. This compliance is publicly and transparently stated on their respective brand profile.

Who controls the compliance of the transparent information with our ECO ALPHABET listing criteria?

We have developed a submission form with conditional logic based on our ECO ALPHABET criteria. The ECO ALPHABET criteria are clearly stated in each step of the submission form. This helps to require appropriate information from the participant. Using our digital questionnaire, each participant indicates which ECO ALPHABET criterion is met and explains this with a statement of assurance. We transfer this information 1:1 into the respective profile. Participants are responsible for providing their information truthfully and must at all times comply with our ECO ALPHABET criteria and ensure that content do not fall under the prohibits. You can report fraud, competition or trademark infringements immediately to info@ecoalphabet.com so that they can be dealt with.

How is the profile information updated?

Participants can update their profile at any time by clicking on “information update” in the form and updating only the necessary information. The audience sees a date on the respective profile that shows when the information was last updated. Participants are responsible for keeping their information up to date in accordance with the ECO ALPHABET criteria.




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8 Nov, 2021

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