Photo: Aiayu (Member)

MOCHNI was founded in 2015 by Antonia Leonie Böhlke as the first publication from Europe to raise global awareness for a fairer, cleaner and slower world. 

With MOCHNI’s fresh and easy-to-understand content, we help you understand important social and environmental issues. Our goal is to help you make stronger and more impactful decisions in your life.

We believe in storytelling that creates a sense of connection and inspires trust and confidence. Our stories include brand and product guides, opinion pieces, expert advice, how-to guides, and Q&As with creatives and individuals that provide transparent insights into their businesses and daily lives. To this day, MOCHNI is a 100% independent publication. We stand for freedom of expression and original, trustworthy, well-researched, ethical journalism that is authentic and always relevant. It is part of our mission that we only publish truthful and fact-checked, organized information.

In June 2022, we launched the Trusted! Brand ID, a membership program that helps brands take public responsibility and share transparent information on an independent platform so people can easily recognize, understand and trust sustainable brands. We have requirements and review procedures based on the world’s most recognized human rights and sustainability standards that help us identify brand sustainability practices. All information about trusted brands is accessible through our database, the Trusted! Brand ID™ Directory.

Some of the world’s most sustainable brands, including Katherine Hemnett London, SKFK, Woron, Nude Label, CLED, Abel, NUORI, Knickey, Aiayu, The Slow Label, have received the MOCHNI Trusted! Brand ID™Join us in publicly identifying your sustainability practices with us. Learn more about the benefits of the Trusted! Brand ID™.

Note From Our Founder

7 years ago MOCHNI was born from my living room with the goal of raising awareness and sharing voices to reach as many people as possible who CAN change the world for the better, and inspire them to do so!

“Sustainability is not a trend but the future.”

Antonia Leonie Böhlke
Founder & CEO


Conscious Loft is our intimate, educational and entertaining 200-700 m² retail and event space with master classes, sustainability talks, beauty and self-care sessions, shopping, plant-based organic food, goodies and networking hosted by our favorite experts around the world. With Conscious Loft we transform MOCHNI into a real life world. You travel through a fun world of sustainable fashion, clean beauty, and conscious living while feeling like you‘re at your bff‘s home.

Our first Conscious Loft took place during Fashion Week in Berlin in 2019 and was moderated by Kestrel Jenkins (host of Podcast Conscious Chatter based in California). Our second Conscious Loft took place in Hamburg in the same year and was moderated by Willa Stoutenbek (founder of Agency W.Green based in Amsterdam).