MOCHNI is an international publication and directory for ethical brands and conscious people. Our mission is to inspire and inform a global audience to help understand and find responsible fashion and lifestyle brands.

In 2015, we launched MOCHNI as one of the first international platforms that showcased modern fair trade and sustainable brands! Our aim is to support justice, fairness and respect for all races, ethnic groups, genders and sexual orientations. Without social justice there is no climate justice! We have a special heart to support the garment workers and small businesses and we can make a difference with every purchase. We help you find sustainable + fair trade products from the most responsible brands around the world so you can make purchasing decisions based on your values. We create fresh and easy-to-understand original content by answering questions about responsible fashion, ethics and sustainability. In our stories, we introduce founders and designers who give advice and a transparent insight behind their products and companies.

The name MOCHNI is a Native American name with the meaning: Talking bird. The CH is pronounced like a K. With great respect and appreciation we are inspired by the incredible artistry and spirit of the Native Americans and their culture.



To make it easy to find honest and transparent brands, we have developed a Brand Directory ECO ALPHABET. Each brand that wants to be listed must sign the ECO ALPHABET Statement of Assurance verifying that their product range meets the social, ethical and environmental standards defined in our Code of Conduct.

You can find the Code of Conduct and our FAQ here.

CONSCIOUS LOFT is our entertaining, educational and fun 200-700 sqm pop-up and event space with sessions, master-classes, talks, shopping, goodies and networking, all focused on fair and eco fashion, natural beauty, wellbeing, food and eco-friendly living, hosted by our favorite experts worldwide.

MOCHNI+ is our global directory for conscious people. The directory helps you to find like-minded people. You will be able to sign up for free soon.