Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is our cornerstone, and we know it’s a complex topic. That’s why we research thoroughly and create articles with industry experts and professionals on challenging topics that we care about.

Maren Jewellery: Mindful Luxury Pieces Custom-Made in Germany

Using the most sustainable metals and lab-grown diamonds.

The Slow Label: The Eco Fashion Brand By Influencer Anna-Laura Kummer

“At The Slow Label, we are guided by our values in every decision we make.”

Ethical & Sustainable Shoe Brands

Shoes that barely leave a footprint :).

CLED – We Visited The Jewelry Designer In Her Home Studio In Los Angeles

Behind-The-Brand: We visited CLED Jewelry in their home-studio in L.A.

8 Eco Brands For A Good Surf

Everything you need for a good surf is here.

Zara Has The Technology To Be Transparent

Why aren’t they using this power for change?

vegan leather
Vegan Leather vs. Biodegradable Leather: Which Is The Winner?

It’s a very difficult decision! We need to know more about it.

hm x kenzo
TRACEABILTY! Do You Know Where Your Clothes Are Made?

Traceability is difficult because manufacturing has shifted to global production chains.

Peace Silk: How Ethical Is Commercial Silk vs. Peace Silk Really?

Have you ever thought about the cruelty vs. cruelty-free silk process?

3 Reasons Why Alpaca Is One Of The Greenest Fibers On Earth

Alpaca farming is completely safe and natural for the environment.

What Happens To Our Unwanted Clothing?

And what is the environmental impact of all those textiles that end up in landfills?

A Guide On How To Start A Sustainable Fashion Label

Have you ever thought about starting your own fashion label?

What Does Fair Fashion Mean?

Let’s see behind the glamour of beautiful glossy images…