What Is An Ocean Dead Zone And Why Is The Fashion Industry A Contributor?

An ocean dead zone is no fake news.

Cambodia Economy Garment Factory - Jun 2013
The Fashion industry Affects More Than The Environment!

Let’s take a look at some impacts.

plant based dyeing
Tutorial: Natural Dyeing With Avocado Skins

Yes, it results in PINK color.

kestrel jenkins conscious chatter
Kestrel Jenkins Hosts “Conscious Chatter”, One Of The Best Podcasts On Sustainable Fashion

Kestrel asks all the questions.

Cultural Misappropriation In Fashion And Textiles Art

Copying art can be extremely problematic.

hm x kenzo
TRACEABILTY! Do You Know Where Your Clothes Are Made?

Traceability is difficult because manufacturing has shifted to global production chains.

The Crochet Mochila Bag Is The Artwork Of The Wayuu People Of Colombia

Inspiración colombiana.

3 Books About Slow Fashion You Should Read

So many questions, so many answers.

The True Cost: Why You Should Watch The Documentary


How To Save The Oceans From Microplastic Pollution

Here is a little guide.

A Beginner´s Guide On Eating Organic And Natural Food

Produced without the use of artificials.

Sustainable Fashion Is The Future


South America. How Their Ancient Weaving Skills Help Their Indigenous Communities

“What we save, saves us.”

How To Dye Fabrics On The Basis Of Plants At Home

Anyone can learn how to create naturally dyed fabrics at home.

The Real Difference Between Prêt-à-Porter and Haute Couture

Salut! Little Paris feeling.

What Does Fair Fashion Mean?

Let’s see behind the glamour of beautiful glossy images…

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