Finally! The new eco sportswear label Ambiletics from Berlin, Germany has launched their first collection. We already tested out their sustainable leggings. Read on to find out what we love about Ambiletics’ new eco-sports line.

1. Make it matter

That plastic waste is one of the main issues we have in the world is nothing new. To actually do something about it, however, is. The newcomer brand Ambiletics from Berlin makes it matter: in summer 2018, Giulia took matters into her own hands and launched the first collection of the sustainable and ethical sportswear label for active women. She truly believes that every decision matters. Because every decision makes a difference. No matter how small it seems to be.

Ambiletics founder Giulia Becker

2. Look as hot as you are

With Ambiletics you will for sure be hot during your workout sessions. Hand-drawn patterns (we love!), animal prints, and bold colors will make you look and feel good. Always at the cutting edge of fashion, the designers in Berlin get their inspiration while going for a run, listening to music or chilling on the couch (we all have our potato moments).

3. Get your comfort zone moving

The fit is amazing. The leggings fit like a glove. Nothing pinches, scratches or slips. The material feels very high-quality and is not as thin as other leggings. That means they are opaque. The leggings also have a little zip pocket at the back which is super practical to put a key in them and some coins for the green juice post workout.

4. Leggings and Sports Bras made from recycled PET-bottles

Ambiletics uses recycled polyester that consists of PET-bottles and post-consumer waste to make their leggings and sports bras. How? The first step is to clean and dry the used plastic. The next step is to crush it into small pieces. The pieces are then heated and formed into strings of yarn. Once this fiber is passed through a crimping machine, it becomes soft. Ready to be baled, dyed and knitted into polyester fabric – voilà! Comfy, durable and perfect for a workout – and the future of our planet.

For their super soft t-shirts and tank tops, Ambiletics uses both recycled polyester and 100% organic cotton. Grown without using fertilizers, pesticides or other toxic chemicals, organic cotton prevents water pollution. The gym towel is made from eco-friendly, naturally anti-microbial bamboo. Lightweight and small, you can easily take it with you – wherever you wish to exercise.

Leggings and Sports Bras made from recycled PET-bottles.

5. Yes to sweat, no to sweatshops 

Fair production is a matter close to Giulia’s heart and Ambiletics keeps the sweat where it belongs: in our workout sessions.  The activewear brand works closely with talented women who manufacture all pieces under fair working conditions in an ethical sewing shop in Poland.

6. Yes, it’s vegan

Ambiletics is PETA-certified which means that they don’t use any animal products throughout their entire production. Animal lovers will appreciate – it’s all vegan.

7. Sustainable Shipping to wherever you are

Shipping clothes across the globe is not the most sustainable solution, but even here the German sportswear brand remains eco-friendly: Amibletics uses climate-neutral shipping and supports the DHL’s GoGreen program with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 50% by 2025 (compared to 2007).

8. Be active, start now

Are you running out of hot eco-sportswear? Then you should definitely have a look at Ambiletics new sustainable collection. All pieces are available in sizes S, M and L and come in recycled, environmentally-friendly packaging. Make it matter, make good decisions and be the girl that changes the world. Shop Ambiletics here.

In Partnership with Ambiletics.

Text: Mia Windisch-Graetz, Copy Writing: Antonia Böhlke