MOCHNI was founded in 2015 as the first independent online publication raising global awareness for a fairer, cleaner, and slower world.

MOCHNI (mokni) is a Native American name with the meaning: talking bird.

We honor the Native American spirit and culture. Inspired by the artwork and nature and craftsmanship of the Native Americans. Freedom for We will give back and donate 1% of our profit to a NGO such as Native Americans in Philantrophy.

Our Story

When I was working at a well-known Italian fashion house, selling a €1,500 viscose t-shirt to the richest people on earth made by the poorest people in Bangladesh. Coming home I witnessed the poverty and hunger struggles of children in Berlin. 

My own journey of self-discovery, including being diagnosed with ADHD and thyroid auto-immune disease, Antonia is passionate about helping others navigate the complexities of sustainable living and making conscious choices that benefit both individuals and the environment. With MOCHNI, I aim to bridge the gap between the disconnect between our daily choices and their impact on the environment, our health, and the well-being of others.

With a background in fashion and textile management, journalism, and personal experiences with environmental health issues, Antonia is dedicated to sharing expert insights and trustworthy information to inspire a sustainable future.

As part of a press invite, I joined a “Transparency Hack” conference hosted by H&M in Los Angeles but opted out of their dinner invite to attend a panel talk at Santa Monica College instead to share my MOCHNI story with an audience, including a representative from the United Nations who invited me to join her in New York City to continue sharing my story and inspiring others. This event marked the beginning of my empowering experience with MOCHNI, where I found a community that amplified my voice and helped me turn my struggles into a catalyst for positive change.

With more than 1 mio, readers worldwide, we continue inspiring people. 

Ethical Journalism

We help make important social and environmental issues easy to understand and accessible to everyone. We believe in storytelling that creates a sense of connection and inspires trust and confidence. Our stories include brand and product guides, opinion pieces, expert advice, how-to guides, and Q&As with creatives, designers and individuals that provide transparent insights into their businesses, perspective and daily lives. To this day, MOCHNI is an independent publication owned 100% by founder and editor-in-chief Antonia Böhlke. We stand for freedom of expression and original, trustworthy, well-researched, ethical journalism that is authentic and always relevant. It is part of our mission that we only publish truthful and fact-checked information. Learn more about our editorial guidelines.

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