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Antonia Leonie Böhlke

Antonia is the founder and editor-in-chief of MOCHNI. Her mission is to share voices (including her own) and transparent information to help people make stronger and more impactful decisions in their lives and make the world a little slower, cleaner and fairer. She is a certified fashion and textile manager and is studying quality journalism in Germany.

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What Are The Negative Effects Of “Greenwashing” In The Fashion Industry?

Number one: Lack of consumer trust!

Titanium Dioxide In Lipsticks – Safe or Toxic?

Shouldn’t lipsticks be food safe, too?

How To Find Purpose In Your Life

Based on the Japanese philosophy IKIGAI.

Why Compostable Plastic Is Not Home Compostable

Learn how to recycle properly.

10 Conscious Hotels In NYC

See you soon, New York!

Why Walking Barefoot Is Actually Good For You

It´s relaxing, it trains your muscles…

We Visited The New Eco Hotel In Berlin: Lulu Guldsmeden

Scandinavian chic in Germany.

Less, The Award-Winning Minimalist German Beauty Brand

Made in Germany.

5 Jewelry Brands With Conflict-Free Lab-Grown Diamond Collections

100% conflict-free and real.

Interview With Australian Supermodel Elle Macpherson

“On my mother´s advice, I drink 3 litres of water every day”

Let’s Talk About Clean Makeup With RMS Founder Rose-Marie Swift

We met Rose-Marie in NYC.

42 Eco-Friendly & Fairtrade White T-Shirts For Every Budget

A must-have in everyone’s wardrobe.

The Deep Tissue Massage In New York City

Relaxation for body and mind.

Four Brands That Turn Ocean Waste Into Cool Eco Products

We like the skateboards a lot.

organic bed Axel Guldsmeden copenhagen
Eco Hotel Axel Guldsmeden: Located In Downtown Copenhagen

This spa and the organic breakfast…mmhhh…

Buy At Ethical Aussie Label RŪPAHAUS If You Want To Support Indonesian Artisans

We met Stephanie in Australia.

Let’s Talk About Fashion Revolution! Q&A With Co-Founder Carry Somers

Female Expert Talk Series 1/7.

How Do We Achieve Overall Well-Being?

Q. and A. with certified nutrition expert Liora Bels.

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