Illustrations: Lianne Middeldorp

Yes, you ARE what you eat and drink. This is funny because different types of food groups have evolved over the past few years. In big cities like London, New York or Los Angeles is the smog and stress factor higher than in other cities, so we thought about changing our nutrition behavior for our balancing lifestyle. As a result, we are more health-conscious than ever. And more and more cool healthy food spots have appeared, like juice or matcha bars, paleo restaurants… Especially through social media, the different food-conscious trends are currently spreading all over the world. What exactly are these trends? And what are the beloved foods? You will definitely recognize them as you see our 6 picks below!


Illustration: Lianne Middeldorp

We call him the Health Junkie. Because often, the green juice drinker can not get enough of green juices. He strolls or even runs with a green juice-to-go in his hand through the city instead of a coffee-to-go. Not because it tastes so good, but because of the health benefits. So remember: if you ever drink a green cold-pressed juice, you simply are one Health Junkie – with or without purpose.


Illustration: Lianne Middeldorp

If you love acai bowls you are a Clean Eater. The Clean Eater is nearly the same as a health junkie, but acai bowls taste a bit better. It is the perfect summer snack: sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and full of good nutrients and antioxidants. Super clean food = Clean Eater!


Illustration: Lianne Middeldorp

We all know it: Yoga is the best sport to relax and calm down. And yogis set the relaxation level a bit higher and drink a cup of herbal tea before and after the yoga lesson. Herbal teas like ashwaganda, lavendar and chamomile are caffeine-free teas, which reduce anxiety symptoms. No matter the name: Relaxed Yogi.


Illustration: Lianne Middeldorp

What does a vegan eat? A vegan needs special nutrients (like vitamins, omega 3, calcium, proteins) as every other human being needs them, too. But when does a vegan eater get them? So simple! What he does is just filling up a bowl with lots of different good foods (a little bit from everything), which feed him with substances. A mixed food bowl is a typical dish for vegans and even non-vegans love it, because of its nourishing benefits. And the Vegan All-Rounder only knows endless opportunities how to combine foods although it is cold or warm: chickpeas, hemp seeds (protein), kale (greens), sweet potato, brown rice (carbohydrates), avocado (healthy fat)…. The list goes on. And the world vegan day will come soon and we will show you how a vegan usually eats very nourishing, too!


Illustration: Lianne Middeldorp

Honestly, who does not love avocado? It is literally the food which makes us addicted. Avocado is a healthy fat and contributes more than 20 vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compounds. Avocado has many possibilities to cook with and last but not least it tastes super yummy. Come on we all are a little bit an Avocado Addict.


Illustration: Lianne Middeldorp

Paleo is not the newest diet when it comes to a nourishing, gluten-free eating behavior. It is the stone age diet. But the consciousness for this balancing diet grows. Since a paleo eater starts to practice this diet, he will love it always. The Paleo Lover eats much organic meat and animal food products in general (like eggs). Because this type of food was very easy to find in that age. So a typical paleo breakfast could be eggs with bacon. If you are curious about the paleo diet, read our article: What To Eat On The Paleo Diet.

Which type are you? Please tell us in a comment below! 🙂