When you find calm amongst the hustle and bustle of New York you know you’ve found something special. That is exactly what I have found with Space by Mama Medicine, and the reason I chose to leave fashion styling and help manage this sun filled wellness collective in the heart of SoHo in New York City.

mama medicine nyc holistic medicine
Left: Founder Deborah Hanekamp. Photo: Stevi Sesin

Founder Deborah Hanekamp aka Mama Medicine opened the space as a home for her Medicine Readings. Deborah’s Medicine Readings came to be in a magical way through the birth of her daughter, “Right after birthing my daughter, Medicine Readings were born out of me asking the universe how to integrate seventeen years of a deep spiritual journey, studying different Modalities with my natural ability to see people’s auras, the universe responded with “Medicine Readings” the exact formula for them and that they were meant to be a one on one, group and retreat experience.”

mama medicine nyc holistic health
Photo: Stevi Sesin

A massage for your spirit and your soul, Deborah uses an interrogation of ancient healing traditions to bring harmony and rapture to you. During a Medicine Reading you will experience an intuitive aura reading and offering of guidance, energy balancing, crystal healing and sound therapy. You will leave feeling awakened and recharged with spiritual homework and a ritual bath to bring this healing energy into your home and daily life.

Space by Mama Medicine : Opening Ceremony
Mama Medicine Space in Soho, NYC. Photo: BFA

Space by Mama Medicine is also home to the holistic esthetician Britta Plug who performs Facial Attunements treatments. A transformative and empowering treatment using traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, LED therapy and detoxifying massage to bring your skin to a balanced and radiant state.

holistic mama medicine nyc
Facial Treatment. Photos: Stevi Sesin

Deborah and I sat in the sun filled Space between her clients one afternoon, we spoke about the importance of creating space and how she came to bring Space to life.

Deborah found herself traveling a lot and needed a place to call home for her work. “ A place where I could feel grounded, calm and centered in the midst of a bustling city. I also love spiritual interior design and curating healing experiences for people so Space was a to do on my list for a while!”

mama medicine space
Photo: Stevi Sesin

New Yorkers can find it hard to ground and calm themselves and Deborah wanted to form a community where people could come to do just that. “We have such a hard time with simplicity in New York it helps to go to a Space that exemplifies that in a warm and loving way.”

mama medicine ny
Left: Founder Deborah Hanekamp. Photo: Stevi Sesin

Deborah has founded an escape for New Yorkers to find calm and stillness on a multitude of levels. Through both Deborah and Britta’s work and the healing energy of world renowned healers leading weekly workshops it is a space to dive deep into finding ways to help create space for yourself through daily rituals. While shopping crystals, conscious beauty and wellness products from around the world.

Space by Mama Medicine : Opening Ceremony
Photo: BFA

When in New York and looking for a place to unwind, balance, learn and explore your spiritual development Space by Mama Medicine allows you a clean, safe and inspiring environment for just that. If you are unable to make it to New York Deborah suggest making a simple altar in your home, keeping it fresh and clean spending time sitting with it in silence for your daily dose of #HowWeCreateSpace!

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Crystals. Photo: Stevi Sesin


Relax and book your own spiritual Mama Medicine Reading or Facial Attunement in their studio in Soho, NYC: spacebymamamedicine.com.

You also may book one of 3 different calming baths at mamamedicine.nyc/bath.

Soon, Mama Medicine will offer crystals and curated products from non-toxic and chemical-free brands like Shiva Rose, Poppy and Someday, La Tierra Sagrada in their new online shop mamademicine.nyc/shop.

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Crystal and non-toxic beauty shelf by Mama Medicine. Photos: Stevi Sesin

Photo credits: BFA and Stevi Sesin