Mia Krejci

When Mia was a little girl, she dreamed of living in the Amazon jungle, where she would protect the rain forest and animal life. Committed to making a difference, she found her calling in shining the light on sustainability, women empowerment and human rights. Mia holds a BA in Copywriting & Brand Management and received her MA in Global Communications in Fashion at the American University of Paris.

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New: Vegan & Organic Food Shots To Mix In Your Food And On Your Skin

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What are “Jutti” Slippers? Learn in 5 Minutes

In partnership with ONE432 You’ve probably seen Jutti slippers without knowing what they’re called or…

5 Ways To Empower Women & Girls In India Through Menstrual Products

India has over 355 million menstruating girls and women, but only around half of them…

the new plastics economy

15 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

“…and this is all the plastic shit I found in my house” Image: Plastic Planet Documentary…

breakfast barn city guide beirut

Conscious City Guide Beirut: 10 Vegan & Eco Hotspots

Looking for vegan places and organic stores in Beirut? Here’s our Conscious City Guide Beirut…

Jimmy Fairly: More Than Just An Eyewear Label

Buy One, Give One

Mayan Weaving Textiles And How To Preserve The Culture In Guatemala

In partnership with MARYSAL. Mayan weaving textiles originate from the beautiful Central American country of Guatemala…

Pakistani Luxury Shoe Brand Gives Cultural Appreciation Instead Of Cultural Appropriation

The Pakistani luxury ethical brand Çaplait is redefining the traditional Peshawari chappal shoe. The founder…

6 Jewelry Brands With 100% Conflict-Free Lab-Grown Diamonds

We must admit, we love diamonds. But what we love more is our environment and…

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