elegant hair bun tutorial for christmas mochni

Ladies, you all know it too well. Creating a messy bun can sometimes be very nerve wrecking! Sometimes it just looks too done and tight, or it is just way too messy. Ironically, as most of you know, these undone beauty looks are sometimes related to a lot of work and preperations. However we have an easy and quick tutorial for you to master the art of messy buns!
A bun is the perfect hairstyle for when you have “dirty” hair and hit snooze too often and are now late for work. It is also perfect for an elegant party, a chill date night or even a quick run to the store. Plus it works for almost every hair length and is quick, easy, cool, chick, elegant even sexy. Even celebrities think so and wear this effortless hairstyle on red carpets! Is there any reason not to wear a messy bun? We don’t think so. Stay with us to see how it’s done. It´s much easier than it seems!

red hair bun tutorial mochni

Step 1: Choose the right product
First of all it is easier to work with 1 or 2 day old washed hair because it has a bit more texture. If you however have freshly washed hair it is good to use dry shampoo on the roots and then gently work the product in with your hands. In order to have a more matte finish, use sea salt spray as well. It will also add a little more volume.

fluffy red hair bun tutorial mochni
elegant bun tutorial mochni

Here are some organic products we love and suggest:

Step 2: Get it together
Now put all your hair together. You can set it as high or low as you prefer. Remember that it is okay if it looks loose and messy, and don’t worry about any strands not being perfectly slicked back. By using a bungee hair tie, you are able to secure the ponytail tightly.

messy hair bun tutorial mochni

Step 3: Tease!
Take little pieces of your ponytail and start teasing with a comb. It’s just to add more volume and make the bun look fuller.

teased hair and messy bun tutorial

Step 4: Wrap it up
Now take the teased sections and lay them around the ponytail. You don’t have to go the same directions with the strands, just see what works and looks best for you! Secure these sections with bobby pins and you are almost set. if it isn’t messy or loose enough for you, you can easily pull out some sections.
A little hairspray makes your look complete!

Get your messy bun done Tutorial by mochni
red hair bun tutorial for sylvester

Step 5: Done!

We would love to see all your messy buns! Upload your mess on instagram using the #MOCHNIMESSYBUN

Model: Lisa H. (Most Wanted Models Hamburg), Hair & Make Up Artist: Melissa Komma, Photography & Production: Antonia Leoni

Lisa is wearing a silk top by Anekdot Underwear (locally sewn in Berlin).