COCO-MAT and the Natural Sleep Philosophy which we love

We’re excited to present our iconic series ‘Behind-The-Brand’ which honors trusted brands dedicated to creating a better planet. This edition features COCO-MAT, a Greek brand that produces some of the best sleep products in the world.


It is a matter of fact that we spend about a third of our lives sleeping. Restful sleep is extremely important as it has a positive effect on mental and physical health. Elements such as room temperature, quiet, darkness and, most importantly, a good mattress and the right pillow all contribute to a good night’s sleep.

That’s why we are very happy to introduce you to our favorite mattress manufacturer and partner COCO-MAT. With more than 6000 hotel partners worldwide and their own sustainable COCO-MAT Hotels in Greece, including Santorini, you’ve probably slept on COCO-MAT before.

Editor’s note: I fell into an incredibly restful sleep which is especially important for neurodiverse people like me (ADHD) on a COCO-MAT bed in a hotel and have loved it.

COCO-MAT makes some of the best mattresses and beds in the world. All their sleep products are natural, metal-free and handmade in the company’s workshop in Xanthi, Northern Greece. Thanks to their own 25,000 m² factory, they are able to fulfill almost any individual customer wish. Read on and get to know the COCO-MAT “Sleep on Nature” philosophy.


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The COCO-MAT Philosophy

When we founded COCO-MAT back in 1989, we shared a common dream: offer blissful sleep to every person who sleeps on our beds, our pillows and our mattresses.

Established in 1989, the COCO-MAT heart beats in the North of Greece. Every action aims for a greater cause: peaceful sleep. Based on the orthosomatic idea that our body (soma in Greek) naturally knows what is best for us (ortho in Greek), COCO-MAT has developed highly elastic mattresses and beds that can perfectly adjust to any body type and body weight. The mattress should adapt to your body, not the other way around.


The orthosomatic principle

Inspired by the wisdom of nature, COCO-MAT has developed a real sustainable concept, suitable for every unique body, children and adults. The secret to the exceptional comfort lies in the elasticity of the combination of the different layers of natural materials which are combined to meet individual needs. Like the rings and layers of a tree, the COCO-MAT philosophy is based on the same principle. Several layers of different natural materials are carefully coordinated and stacked on top of each other to provide the best balance of support and elasticity for the human body. The firmer layers, such as coconut fiber, cactus, and horsehair provide the necessary stability while the more elastic layers of natural latex provide greater elasticity to adapt to the shape of the body and gently embrace every curve. Vegan options are also available.


The COCO-MAT 4-layer sleep system

All different COCO-MAT sleeping systems and various mattress models offer great support. You can customize the COCO-MAT bed to suit your individual sleeping comfort. Combinations are also possible in which individual components are missing or, for example, only the mattress or an additional top mattress is possible, in case you want to use your own bed frame. In general, the more components, the more personalisation and comfort.


Natural, metal-free, elastic, noiseless.


1. Bed-Base (Ergo-Base and Bed-Mattress)


2. Mattress

COCO-MAT offers 7 different mattresses. Whatever mattress you choose, you can combine it with any of our bed-bases or our top-mattresses. Every double mattress that is wider than 1.40 m consists of two single mattresses that are seamlessly placed in a cotton cover and are therefore connected to each other. This means that two people with individual needs can sleep next to each other without any problems and yet the movements of the second person are not felt. Two mattresses also simplify transportation, as they are easier to carry and turn.

3. Top-Mattress

The top mattress hugs the body and provides additional relief for the muscles, which can increase the adaptability of the (bed) mattress. Particularly suitable for side sleepers, as there is more space for the shoulders and hips. In addition, the bed gap between two mattresses is compensated for by a continuous top mattress. A top mattress consists of a layer of natural rubber or natural rubber with an intermediate layer of sea grass.

4. Topper

The topper adds the finishing touch to your bed and increases your comfort by wrapping even the lightest parts of your body in a soft feeling from head to toed  fully supporting curved areas such as the neck, lower back, arms and legs. A COCO-MAT topper consists of RDS-certified wild goose down or virgin wool, which regulates the temperature in all seasons, and a practical, washable cotton cover.


Pillow (Mini Mattress)

A pillow is like mini mattress for the head and neck. It contributes to correct body support through the orthosomatic principle, in which the neck and head should have the natural posture that the body adopts when standing upright. The pillows are filled with 1. natural rubber flakes, which provide better support, or 2. with goose or duck down, which creates a warm nest for the head, or 3. with pure new wool filling which relaxes you with its hypoallergenic properties.

Editor’s note: As a side sleeper, I sleep at home on a COCO-MAT Atlas mattress, the Iviskos top mattress and a Narkissos I pillow in my own 180 cm bed frame.


Natural Materials

Inspired by Mother Nature, COCO-MAT only uses natural materials all of which are naturally replenish-able and thus more sustainable, such as coconut fiber, natural rubber, wool, cotton, oak wood, linen, seaweed, eucalyptus, horsehair, and cactus fiber. Horsehair and cactus fibers help regulate moisture. Seaweed and delicately, fragrant eucalyptus leaves, complement the design. Natural materials tend to maintain their shape and support for an extended period. They offer a more even and isometric support of the body. Vegan options are also available.

Metal-free Materials

COCO-MAT manufactures its handmade sleep products without metal elements such as innersprings to provide a more natural sleeping experience. Sleeping on a metal free mattress can offer several advantages over traditional spring mattresses:

1. Due to their elasticity and resilience, natural materials can stand the test of time, unlike springs, which lose their elasticity over time.

2. Natural materials eliminate potential sources of noise or creaking sounds, providing a quieter sleep environment.

3. Sleeping on springs might contribute to or cause harmful magnetic fields. There is ongoing research about electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and their potential effects on human health.

Social Responsibility

Pillow Positive Projekt

COCO-MAT Cares action

Easy Care & Longevity

All mattress covers and slipcovers are removable and washable, which makes care easier and gives the beds a particularly long life of up to 20 years. Zippers on all products ensure complete transparency so that you can see what you are sleeping on.

How to order COCO-MAT sleep products?

To order a suitable COCO-MAT bed and mattress, simply go to your nearest COCO-MAT store and get individual and free advice from a sleep expert. Thanks to its own factory, COCO-MAT can fulfill almost any special request such as individual dimensions and compositions (e.g. vegan mattress instead of with horsehair and virgin wool), as well as individual wishes for fabric, piping, and more.

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